As the school year begins in Kenya, the students and teachers of Kimuumo Secondary School are celebrating the arrival of another wave of educational support.

Our Kenyan friend and representative, Peter Muthusi, said it well:


Freedom Through Learning partner Peter Muthusi personally delivers much-needed educational resources for Kimuumo Secondary School in rural Kenya.

“The books are being read in Kimuumo School now,” he writes. “It is a great honor to Freedom Through Learning… for this mission that has seen a whole village dance in joy for the gift they received from you. I hereby pass their gratitude and big thank you.”

Peter adds, “I delivered them on Saturday as planned and therefore attached here are some photos… though not very good quality.”

The most recent shipment brings to 404 the total number of textbooks delivered to Kimuumo Secondary School since our partnership began.
“Every book counts,” says FTL co-founder Brian Lavender. “We’re very careful to direct our supporter’s funds only into resources that are aligned with the Kenyan national curriculum.”​
“Having visited the village personally, we are confident that this partnership is magnifying local efforts to enhance the education of area teens,” says FTL co-founder LeeAnne Lavender. “Our supporting partners on 3 continents have really made an impact.”
20160120_160610Principal Damaris Kyuma writes, “Deep in our hearts we do not see you as donors but as angels sent by God to impart knowledge into our young boys and girls.” See her original letter here.
Most importantly, without the genuine love and support of our partners in education, Freedom Through Learning would not be able to deliver the books. Kimuumo Secondary School curriculum materials have been generously supported by Canadians including the Whall family, the Hyde family, A. Ponesse, S. Lavack, F. Cole, S. Conant, M. Stewart, D. Marshall and the Charleswood Slow Pitch League. As well, our American friends include the Richmond family and the Turners. Lastly, the Lavender 6th Grade Homeroom families at Concordia International School in Shanghai, China helped complete the shipment. This was truly a global effort!