What does it take for 30 students to show up at school, even when they’re on a mid-term break? It’s the grand opening of Kenya’s newest library!

With words of encouragement from the school principal and the new librarian plus friends and supporters from Kenya and Canada, the door has been opened on the MCEDO-Beijing School Library in the Mathare slum.

MCEDOlibraryBefore  929

“Before” the improvements

BrianLeeAnneLavender  909

“After” an infusion of resources and furniture

This library is significant because it serves over 300 students who would otherwise not enjoy access to quality fiction and non-fiction in an environment conducive to sustained reading. Students were captivated by the wide variety of brand new and gently used books that are available in the carefully catalogued library. The warm, welcoming environment was established through the efforts of Freedom Through Learning along with some dedicated Canada-Mathare Education Trust associates, plus the MCEDO school community.

Opening the door to future success among the youth of Mathare depends so much on stimulating literacy at an early age. The provision of relevant, inspiring resources in a managed setting offers encouragement and empowerment to those that need it the most.

Our “Thank You” list is included in our first library video on this related page.

The official launch of the library means that we can announce the NEXT GREAT OPPORTUNITY to make a difference in Kenya. Curious? See the announcement here.