As promised, Freedom Through Learning supporters have come together to support Kenya’s newest library. The MCEDO-Beijing School, in the Mathare slum, is the location of this vital resource. The school serves nearly 400 young learners from kindergarten to the final year of high school.

“We owe great thanks to about a half-dozen supporters from Canada and the US,” says FTL co-founder LeeAnne Lavender. “The library offers a full range of relevant reading material for all levels.”

“The hundreds of brand new books are also being supplemented by quality, relevant used books as they become available,” adds FTL co-founder Brian Lavender.

These first steps will be assisted over the next month by local, experienced library specialists who are helping to create catalog systems for this particular setting. Further improvements to the physical environment will continue until the vision of a formal yet comfortable setting are realized. Expect an update as these developments occur.

In the meantime, use this link to offer your support to the MCEDO-Beijing Library, Phase 2.