The first phase of FTL’s partnership with the MCEDO-Beijing School in Nairobi’s Mathare slum has been a tremendous success. 

It’s been about a year since a conversation began between school principal Benedict Kiage, alumnus & visionary Tito Kuria (Canada-Mathare Education Trust) and FTL founders Brian & LeeAnne Lavender. An ambitious plan to outfit a science lab with equipment, glassware and chemicals was divided into 5 “modules” and support for each was sought. The recent delivery of the final modules marks the completion of the lab project.

“This has undoubtedly opened new exciting career opportunities for young men & women from Mathare,” says Tito. Through his continuing work with C-MET, he is in constant contact with the school and establishing the lab has been his dream. 

“In total, the acquisition of these science supplies has focused the direct support of nearly 2 dozen financial partners from 4 different countries,” says Brian.

“This is such an exciting development for the students of MCEDO,” adds LeeAnne. “We look forward seeing the educational opportunities that will open as a result of having access to practical science lessons in the classroom.”

Discussions are underway to determine the parameters of the next phase of the FTL partnership with MCEDO.