With the generous support of US and Canadian supporters, MCEDO School in the Nairobi slum of Mathare has added great new equipment and chemicals to its growing science lab.

The lab is a bold new venture, designed to help the kids of this thriving school advance in their practical studies of chemistry. Freedom Through Learning delivered the first of 5 equipment modules in October, with this second module arriving early in 2014. With national examinations just 10 months away, these kids are already seeing the advantages of hands-on experience over textbook descriptions.

Access to a quality education is a key ingredient in overcoming the pitfalls of slum life that may include idleness, trafficking in illegal substances, teen pregnancy, early marriage and substance abuse.

Freedom Through Learning greatly acknowledges the tireless efforts of the the MCEDO school administration and staff, plus co-ordination of the new lab equipment by Tito Kuria, Field Representative of the Canada-Mathare Education Trust.

FTL continues to seek support to complete the science lab. Learn more here.

Enjoy the video!