In the photos above, FTL supporters visit MCEDO school to witness the momentum that is building in Kenya’s latest school science lab… in a slum.

Mathare is an incredibly challenging place to live. With only about half of the slum’s children enrolled in school, hope for the future lies in those students, teachers and supporters who have vision. And the secret to success, according to Head Teacher Benedict Kiage, is to provide the best education and opportunity to those who are willing to work for it.

Freedom Through Learning has taken up the challenge of equipping a chemistry laboratory so students can become involved in hands-on learning experiences. Previously, MCEDO students would skip key portions of the examination and would be seriously penalized. With the allure of improved scores, Mathare kids hope to turn the chem lab into an advantage that might open the door to better scores and scholarships for the next level of education.

This shipment, the 3rd module of 5, has been generously supported by a mother and daughter from Canada, and by Kyra Jones Photography.

FTL continues to seek support to complete the science lab. Learn more here.

Enjoy the video!